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Leadership Conference & Competition

The Leadership Conference provides registered Kings the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops that focus on:

Leadership Develop

Personal and Professional Development

Community and Social Engagement

Dr. Kenneth Mitchell serves as the Coach in Residence and facilitates a 2-day bonding experience for the Kings focused on self-actualization, male leadership, leading as a campus King and community engagement on campus & beyond.

In 2019, the Board of Directors partnered with Blue Ink, LLC to create the Alain L. Locke Fellowship. The Alain L. Locke Fellowship is a 10-week paid internship with Blue Ink, LLC., a talent development agency that provides training, technical assistance, and professional coaching for leaders in emerging organizations, is a premier sponsor of the Mister HBCU Kings' Leadership Conference & Competition.

Criteria to Participate

To participate, Kings must meet the following requirements: 

  • The candidate must be currently enrolled and in good standing at the HBCU he is representing 

  • The candidate must be the official/elected King for the HBCU he is representing

  • The candidate is required to participate in all conference and competition activities 

Official Entry

All kings are required to complete the entire application, the personal self-portrait form, and the talent profile and to write a three (3) minute speech on designated topic. The speech must be content specific and original. Each king will present his speech during the preliminary competition.


A 5x7 professional head-shot in a business suit and tie, without a crown, is required. Please upload the digital photo with your application. 

Prizes & Scholarships

  • Mister HBCU will receive $1,500.00 scholarship, Sash, Crown and Trophy, and awarded the Alain L. Locke Fellowship (an 10 week paid internship)

  • First runner-up will receive $1,000.00, Sash and Trophy 

  • Second runner-up will receive $500, Sash and Trophy 

  • Mr. Talent will receive a Sash and Trophy 

  • Mr. Oratory will receive a Sash and Trophy 

  • Mr. Congeniality will receive a Sash and Trophy 

Application Checklist

  • Personal self portrait

  • Talent Profile Form

  • Completed Kings entry form

  • A 5x7 headshot of contestant in business attire

  • King Contestant registration fee 

  • Queen Contestant registration fee 

  • Royal Court Contestant registration fee 

  • Advisor/Chaperon registration fee 


Business casual is required unless otherwise specified. Suits and ties will be required for most events. In addition, the following outfits/Items will be needed for the competition:​


  • Poise and Projection segment– A Tuxedo is required. The style should be indicative of your personal style. Accentuate the tuxedo with the color of your choice (vest and tie).

  • Oratory– Business suit and tie

  • Opening scene- Attire requirements will be emailed after full registration fee is received.

  • Rehearsal - Sufficient casual and comfortable clothing for rehearsal

  • Talent segment– All necessary items needed to perform (e.g., costume, taped music, props, etc.)


  • Strict adherence to the time schedule is imperative. The success of the competition is dependent upon everyone being where they should be at the correct times. DO EVERYING IN YOUR POWER TO BE ON TIME TO ALL EVENTS.

  • Advisors, friends and relatives are not allowed to attend rehearsals.

  • Advisors are allowed to attend their King’s technical rehearsal only.

  • Advisors are required to be back stage during the competition.

  • Candidates are not allowed to visit with parents or friends at any time without consent of coordinators.

  • Please bring all needed competition garments, props and music.

  • Candidates must change swiftly between segments because of the short time allowed. Be organized.

  • Contact your advisor if a parent or friend must deliver or receive an article important to your success in the pageant.

  • Rehearsals are MANDATORY. Missing a rehearsal may result in disqualification.

Mister HBCU Kings' Leadership Conference & Competition

Join the next Kings' Leadership Conference & Competition and see how you will impact your community and your life. 

Attention: All application fees are non-refundable.

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