Judges Criteria 

Each king will be judged in the following categories:

Oratory | 45 points

Talent | 20 points 

Presentation/Image | 15 points 

Ease of manner 20 points - Finalists Only

Oratory (45 points):

Candidates are required to deliver a three (3) minute speech responding to:

In popular culture, we hear the articulation of one who is “living their best life!” without definition, description and explication of what one’s Best Life means in the context of racism, classism, resistance and wealth generation. How can you, as Mister HBCU, inspire those you represent to define and live their Best Life?

The contestants will be judged on articulation, elocution, content, presentation and projection during delivery. Points will be deducted for exceeding the three minute limit.

Allocation of points:

Content 10 points

Elocution 10 points

Projection | 10 points

Articulation 5 points

Presentation | 10 points

Talent (20 points):

Contestants will be required to display the talent of his choice. The delivery should not exceed three (3) minutes. If props are required, one minute will be allowed for set up. The contestant will be judged on confidence, originality, delivery, and costuming. Points will be deducted for exceeding the three minute limit.


Allocation of points:

Delivery | 5 points

Originality | 5 points

Costuming | 5 points

Confidence 5 points

Presentation/ Image (20 points) - FINALISTS ONLY

This is the question and answer segment. Each finalist will be asked an on-the-spot question and will be judged on articulation, deportment, and how well he answers with confidence and ease.


Allocation of Points:

Articulation | 5 points

Deportment | 5 points

Confidence | 5 points

Personality | 5 points

Ease of Manner/ Projection - Question & Answer (20 points)

The candidate will demonstrate ease of manner in this segment. Each candidate should wear a tuxedo that demonstrates his own personal style. The candidate will be judged on appearance, style and ease of manner. 


Allocation of Points:

Ease of Manner 10 points

Appearance/Style | 10 points

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